Move with balance and grace.

Your body has the natural potential to stand with ease and move with balance and grace. By releasing life-long restrictions in your body’s connective tissues you can restore your body’s inherent alignment, resolve long standing pain and experience new possibilities in movement and expression.

How can Rolfing can relieve chronic pain?

Retrain your body with Rolfing.

Rolfing® Structural Integration provides a clear understanding for how a body compensates over time to strain and tension and a systematic process to realign the body in gravity so you can move and feel better. For over 70 years, Rolfing has proven to be an effective means for both resolving chronic pain and transforming how a person moves. You become more upright and move with greater, balance, ease and fluidity.

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Resolve Chronic Pain & Restore Your Alignment.

Greg is Certified Advanced Rolfer® and Rolfing Movement Practitioner.  As a Rolfing Practitioner, he is trained to recognize the complex patterns of strain and bracing in your body, the result of both recent stresses and injuries as well as habits of compensation that are years and even decades old. For over twenty years, Greg has been helping people move out of pain and into better alignment.  Practicing in East Providence, RI, and Boston, MA.

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